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Sometimes we are in it. In that dense fog that surrounds a ship, leaving the captain disoriented and unaware of which direction to go. What if they hit an iceberg? What if they run into another ship?

So often, we are stuck on that ship. We don't know where to turn. We don't know where to move. So, we stay stuck. Hopeless and without motivation. This place robs us of our ability to see beyond our circumstances. To see beyond our limitations. And, to see beyond today.

The Art of Saying No-2.png

When I began my life coaching certification training program in 2008, I was running ragged. My husband was deployed in Iraq for a year and I was holding everything together at home with a four and six-year-old. 

I was saying "yes" to anything that came my way. And the thing is, they were mostly things that I really wanted to do. The problem is, I just didn't have enough hours in the day to get it all done. Can you relate?

The Art of Saying No-3.png

I grew up as the daughter of a Secret Service agent. It was pretty cool. I loved bringing my dad in for career day. All of the other kids thought it was so amazing that he could tell the difference between a regular bill and a counterfeit one (did you know that the Secret Service deals with more than just protection?). They also thought it was neat that he would show up on the news with the President and be standing in the background with a serious look. We always chuckled at his "Secret Service face.”