Shifting Your Mindset

The work I do largely deals with helping others get unstuck. Whether they feel stuck in their personal lives, at work, in relationships, or with their health, the core of “stuckness” is often faulty beliefs. 

To get unstuck, we must evaluate our mindset and exchange our faulty beliefs for these three truths:

1.     An open mindset allows growth.

With an open mind, we are receptive to the possibilities around us and willing to consider alternative paths. We are less threatened by people who are different than us, and we are more likely to seek harmony instead of division. 

Shifting Your Mindset.png

2.     An open mindset embraces change.

Change can feel overwhelming, especially if we have had unwanted change thrust upon us. Change can make us feel out of control, unprotected, and unsafe. But change doesn’t have to be threat. It can be good, bringing us joy we never imagined.  

3.     An open mindset protects against fear.

Fear protects and keeps us safe. If we weren’t wired with a healthy dose of fear, we might cross a busy street without looking. We might show up for an exam or job interview unprepared. But fear can also hijack our momentum towards growth by telling us that stepping out is dangerous. Our amygdala (in our brain) does a really good job of sounding the alarm when we encounter a legitimate threat, but it can also keep us from taking the risks that will lead to the life we truly desire. 

If you believe you might have a mindset issue, being mindful is the first step. Check out Carol Dwek’s groundbreaking book Mindset.You may identify false beliefs and unproductive mindsets that are bogging you down. 

Your mindset is important and so is mine. Let’s get unstuck and stay unstuck together!

You’re amazing! Start living like it!

Kim Anderson