3 Ways to Move Forward

If we feel stuck, it’s often because we were created to do something more. The “more” could be as big as moving toward adoption, running a marathon, starting a business, or transitioning to a different career. Or, it could be more subtle, like starting a new morning routine, finishing a book, or inviting friends over for coffee more often. Growth doesn’t have to look like scaling Mount Everest. It could simply be turning fifteen degrees from where you are and stepping out in a different direction. Whether our goals are big or small, one thing is true: we are all created to grow. 

Sometimes, before we can move forward, we must examine what is currently holding us back and diminishing our growth. You may see new life once you prune away the withered, unfruitful parts:

1.     Invest in people who are for you.

Not every person is your person. Not everyone is going to get you or support you. That’s okay. Let go of friendships that leave you feeling less than. Set boundaries with family members who think they know what’s best for your life. Pull back from friend groups that don’t leave you feeling like you belong. They may be wonderful people, but just not your people. It’s okay! Your people are out there!

We are all created to grow.png

2.     Invest in work that fulfills you.

While few can afford to leave jobs while searching for the perfectly fulfilling career, I do wonder if too many stay in the same job simply because they fear of searching for something new. Are you barely tolerating your current work environment, yet sticking it out because you don’t know what else you would do? Maybe it is time to start thinking about it. I am not telling you to jump ship without a life raft. I am, however, encouraging you to start dreaming. What is your passion? What keeps you up at night? Begin investing there.

3.     Invest in places that inspire you. 

Do you love where you’re living? What are your options? How can you find a place that inspires you? Whether it’s your home, your neighborhood, your town, your city, or your state, what feels off? As the late Jim Rohn said, “You’re not a tree. Move.” You don’t have to stay there anymore. Is it time to put your house on the market? Maybe look for a job in a new city? Where would you move if you had all of the resources you needed? Start there.

Take some time today to think about growth. Prune away what’s dead, move on, and bear new fruit!

You are amazing! Start living like it!

Kim Anderson is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC-MHSP) and a Certified Life Professional Coach (CPLC) who loves helping others live their lives with passion and purpose. She lives with her husband and two teenagers outside of Nashville, in Franklin, Tennessee, where she loves seasons, rolling hills, and the warmth of the South. Follow Kim at www.kimanderson.life, on Instagram @kim_anderson_life, and on FacebookKimAndersonLifeCoaching to learn more about what she offers.

Kim Anderson